Keysight Premium Used


Pulse Pattern Generator, Single or Dual Channel, 165 MHz, 10 V, 50 Î© into 50 Î© (81111A) or 330 MHz, 3.8 V, 50 Î© into 50 Î© (81112A)

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Get more for your money

  • Save at least 20% compared to purchasing a new instrument
  • Add hardware and software options at the same saving
  • Enjoy standard accessories and a full calibration

Keysight refurbishment process

Inspect and rebuild instrument per your order

Update to latest firmware and software

Calibrate and verify safety performance

Add original manuals and accessories

Conduct final 101‑point inspection

Like‑new warranty and support

  • Same standard 3‑year warranty as new models, extendable to 5 years
  • Optional 3- or 5‑year calibration plan
  • Personal support from Keysight and authorized partners
Watch the video

Watch as we take you through the industry's most comprehensive refurbishment process.

Keysight Premium Used key benefits

Savings of 20% to 50%

Comprehensive refurbishment

Standard 3‑year warranty