Keysight Premium Used modular products deliver unrivaled performance in a compact form factor – like new, for less.

The M9018A chassis provides the ultimate in flexibility, compatibility, and performance. With 16 PXIe Hybrid slots, it allows the system designer to mix and match the number and location of PXIe and PXI-1 hybrid compatible modules essentially at will. It contains an advanced PCIe switch fabric that operates up to Gen 2 speeds and can be configured for optimal performance with most PXIe controller. The switch fabric is also configurable for peer-to-peer communications and any peripheral slot can communicate with any other peripheral slot without utilizing the system slot PCIe links. Combine the M9018A with the M9021A PCIe Cable Interface and M9048A PCIe Desktop Adaptor to achieve the highest system bandwidth.

The M9018A has an innovative cooling design which allows the chassis to fit into 4U of rack space in most cases. When combined with the latest 1U rack-mounted computer, a powerful system can be built in only 5U of rack space. Additionally, optional “air-inlet” modules can be used to supply more cool air from the front of the chassis.

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  • Un risparmio almeno del 20% rispetto all'acquisto di uno strumento nuovo
  • Opzioni hardware e software aggiuntive risparmiando
  • Accessori standard e calibrazione completa

Keysight refurbishment process

Strumenti ispezionati e revisionati su ordinazione

Aggiornamenti a firmware e software attuali

Calibrazione e verifica dei requisiti di sicurezza

Manuali e accessori originali allegati

Ispezione finale a 101 punti

Come‑nuovo con garanzia e supporto

  • Same standard 3‑year warranty as new models, extendable to 5 years
  • Optional 3- or 5‑year calibration plan
  • Personal support from Keysight and authorized partners
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